Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yes, I am a working outside of the home mother, does that mean I am not a full time mother? nope! I don't understand the logic of this at all. If I did not work, I would be a welfare recepient. I would much rather be self sufficient than live off of the government. I work in social work so I do see both sides of the coin. I am a single mom, therefore, I do not have a husband to bring home the bacon. So guess what? I have to put my children in day care and go to work all day. But then guess what? I still have to come home and do everything in 5 hours that a "SAHM" gets to spread throughout her 16 hour day. NOT at all saying that SAHM have it easier!!! I give them a LOT of respect~! I daydream sometimes about being one!! I do get 4 weeks off in a year with my vacation/sick time so sometimes I will take a day off and still send the kids to day care and go to appointments/deep clean the house/shop/take a nap! I also will take a day off with one child and send the other 2 to daycare so I can get some much needed 1 on 1 time with them. It just depends on what is going on. L starts school in a couple weeks. (young 5's) so I will be taking half day off next week to take her school clothes/supplies shopping. I just have to rearrange things, but really I do everything that a SAHM does, just have a job 40/week squeezed in there too. It works for me for now. I just had to post because this debate came up on a certain birth board recently and i was too much of a chicken to post my 2 cents on there :)

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